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About Us

Who We Are

Connect Pediatric Therapy was started to provide occupational therapy services using a flexible treatment delivery model. This means therapy takes place in the context (home, clinic, or community) that matters most to your family.

The heart of the term occupation is a meaningful activity. And it’s focusing on the meaningful that makes a difference because each family has different valued activities that are meaningful to them.

The mission of Connect Pediatric Therapy is to meet children and families exactly where you are in life. From there, we determine together where you want to go. Therapy should foster childhood skills in an environment where they most naturally occur. This may be a clinic or it could be your kitchen table. Therapy is provided where it’s needed to get results, whether that’s in the child’s home, community, or our friendly clinic.

We understand the joy of small accomplishments:

  • Making it through the grocery store without a meltdown
  • Having a confident child who will try new things
  • Stress free mealtimes
  • Watching your child meet milestones
  • Feeling connected as a family
Kristen Phile providing therapy