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Success Stories

We were referred to Dr. Pfeil though our daycare as our 2 year old daughter was having a hard time connecting with her peers & handling transitions throughout the day. We saw her in the clinic to work on play skills & Kristen also worked with our daughter, and her teachers at daycare to help reach the goals we had for her to be more successful there. In the end, Kristen was able to identify that our daughter had some red flags for Autism and supported us through the assessment and decision making process, that ultimately ended with enrolling her in an ABA therapy program. We are so grateful for the role Kristen has played in our daughter’s development!

– Kelsey

“Kristen’s caring kindness and expertise made a phenomenal difference in the progress for our son (and family). Willing to work with his evolving needs, she made every appointment something we enjoyed. My highest recommendations for her clinic!”

– Anne

“Kristen has been one of our most important resources as parents of a child with Sensory Processing Disorder. The work she has done with our son (and us!) has not only helped him to function better in all aspects of his life, it’s also given him valuable tools and self confidence that he will carry with him as an adult. The relationship that our family has established with her is invaluable to us!”

– Molly

“We loved having Kristen work with our three-year-old daughter! She was an extremely picky eater, and as her paren​ts we were worried that she was not getting the nutrition that her growing body needed. Kristen made her feel so comfortable at the table that she would try things that she would have never tried with us! She began to have a better appetite and to be more open to eating new foods. Dinner time was no longer the battle ground that it once was. Our daughter had a blast working with Kristen—she looked forward to her appointments every week! We also acquired the tools we needed to effectively help our daughter eat well. Thank you, Kristen!”

– Megan

Our son worked with Kristen on primitive reflex integration and handwriting. The experience was life changing for him. It improved his ability to pay attention in class, improved coordination in sports and increased his overall confidence. So worth the time and effort. I wish I would have known to get him in with Kristen earlier. Would highly recommend to anyone trying to help their kids reach their full potential. I can’t say enough good things!

– Sarah

My son was struggling with self-regulation at home and at school. He was having frequent meltdowns which were straining us as parents as well as his teachers. I reached out to Dr. Kristen, and she has been a big help! Her multifaceted approach gave us a lot of tools as well as a common vocabulary to use. I was not familiar with occupational therapy before working with Dr. Kristen. I love that she looks to help my child as a whole person, physically, emotionally, and intellectually. I am so proud of the progress my son has made. He is growing in self-awareness and empathy. I know these skills will serve him for his whole life.

– Mary