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Connecting Children with Success in Everyday Activities

  • Are mealtimes a battle every day?  
  • Does your child seem clumsy or uncoordinated?
  • Are your child’s meltdowns frequent and unmanageable?
  • ​Watching your child miss milestones and worried they won’t catch up?

Connect Pediatric Occupational Therapy specializes in the treatment of children with sensory processing challenges that have resulted in feeding, movement, and behavioral difficulties. Whether it’s at our clinic or in your home, we tackle your problems head-on.

Summer Camps Enrolling Now!

Food with Friends

For children who struggle with feeding and/or social skills. They’ll learn positive interactions with food alongside other kids with anxiety/struggles.

Age: 4-7 & 8-13 year-olds in separate groups.
Dates: June 26th-30th

Superheroes of Self-Regulation

This camp is designed for kids that struggle with frequent meltdowns and have difficulty with self-calming.

Age: 4-7 & 7-13 year-olds in separate groups.
Dates: July 10th-14th

Kindergarten Kick Start

This camp is focused on learning routines and skills associated with going to school.

Age: 4-6 (especially kids that will start kindergarten in the fall)
Dates: June 26th-30th | July 10th-14th

Back to School Boot Camp

This camp is focused on empowering children to get back into school routines and sharpen their academic skills.

Age: 6-10 year-olds
Dates:  June 26th-30th | July 10th-14th

What Makes Connect Pediatric Therapy Special?

We use a combination of evidence-based interventions that may include sensory integration, floortime, and parent-coaching. We encourage parents and caregivers to be actively involved in sessions so that progress made during therapy can be transferred to the home environment.

Family Centered

Caregivers are active part of session where they learn how to be engaged and in tune with child’s needs.

Child Driven

Sessions take place within the context of child’s play world.

Backed by Research

Proven strategies to empower children to be more connected, calm, confident and coordinated.

Flexible Treatment Model

Therapy takes place in your home, our clinic, or wherever you feel most comfortable.

Here’s how it works


Let’s Connect

FREE 30 minute phone consultation with an occupational therapist to get your questions answered. Call 402-413-1356 to schedule!


Occupational Therapy Evaluation

Meet one-on-one with the therapist to determine your child’s needs and your family’s goals.


Occupational Therapy Treatment

Depending on your child’s needs, session will take place in family home, the clinic or in the community.

Click below to request an appointment, or call us for a free 30-minute phone conference with a therapist.

Fun, friendly, and rewarding

Take a Virtual Tour of Connect Pediatric Therapy

Your child will be in good hands with Connect Pediatric Therapy. Located near 56th and Pine Lake Road in south Lincoln, we offer a family-based program that emphasizes friendly and engaging environments, both at home and on-site. We think you and your child will find Connect Pediatric Therapy both enjoyable and rewarding. Take a look!

Parent Resource Center

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Success Stories

“Our daughter was an extremely picky eater, and as her parents we were worried that she was not getting the nutrition that her growing body needed. Kristen made her feel so comfortable at the table that she would try things that she would have never tried with us! She began to have a better appetite and to be more open to eating new foods. Dinner time was no longer the battleground that it once was. Our daughter looked forward to her appointments every week!”

– Megan

“Kristen has been one of our most important resources as parents of a child with Sensory Processing Disorder. The work she has done with our son (and us!) has not only helped him to function better in all aspects of his life, it’s also given him valuable tools and self-confidence that he will carry with him as an adult. The relationship that our family has established with her is invaluable to us!”

– Molly

“My son has been seeing Sarah at Connect since August 2022. She is amazing with his sensory needs and has made a huge difference in adding to his toolbox to manage emotional processing. She is caring, and my son looks forward to going each week! Kristen has also seen him; he gets so much out of his sessions. We are forever grateful to have found somewhere so caring and compassionate!”

– Rebecca


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